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Sales & Supplies

A Word about Spa Covers

You get what you pay for. 

  • Most spa covers are made of boat-seat-type vinyl with foam inserts that are sealed with a plastic covering that keeps the moisture out. As long as the cover doesn’t get punctured, it should hold heat and stay dry and not get heavy.  The polystyrene foam inserts come in various densities. (i.e., 1 ½ pound, 2 pound, 3 pound, etc.) The larger the number, the denser the foam and the more rigid the panel, and the more weight it will support. The larger the number the heavier the foam core becomes.
  • Each insert also has a c-channel imbedded in the area where the hinge is to help it support weight.
  • We can custom order durable covers to fit your spa.
  • We can create lid lifters and special spa cover snow load supports, spa over-covers,  and even provide custom installation designs for steps and stairs and corners.

Sales and Supplies

Truckee Donner Maintenance is an authorized dealer for the following brands:

           Authorized Service Center.


We Offer a Full Range of Spa Supplies & Accessories:

  • Spa Covers
  • Chemicals & Supplies
  • Lid Lifters
  • Winter Spa Cover Protectors

We Also Can Install & Maintain:

  • Instant Hot Water Systems
  • Garbage Disposals
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