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Spa Acting Up?

Spa Acting Up?


Before You Call Us You Should:

1)      Check to make sure the electrical breakers and  G.F.C.I. type breakers are actually on, and providing proper voltage to your spa. Most spas in the Sierra are 240 volts, however there are a few that are only 120 volts. The 120 volt spas are usually plugged into a wall outlet on the deck. These plug-receptacles can be easily knocked loose by snow. Outdoor spa receptacles are not water proof.

2)      Check your water level. It should be to the proper height. Usually up to the bottom of pillows and or ½ way up the filter weir-gate opening.

3)      Check that your filters are actually clean. They can become impacted with sediment, calcium deposits, oils, etc. and then will actually impede the flow of water to sensors, keeping the heater from being activated.

4)      Check the doors. Some spas have equipment door interlock switches that disable the spa for servicing. Make sure doors and panels are closed properly and not out of alignment, or ajar. The door magnets need to line up with the switch on the jamb of the door to make the spa run.

5)      Get out the owners manual and check to see if there are any reset buttons that may need resetting. (Heater-high-limit- reset buttons etc. )

6)      Use your owners manual and program guide to see if the top-side control panel is giving you a default code. This can tell us what to check as parts do fail once in awhile. Note: Is your spa on a standard mode, sleep mode or economy mode ? This can effect how warm your spa will get.

7)      Make sure the spa is accessible. Snow should be off the spa and shoveled all around to permit us to remove the lower skirt screws. Spa steps need to be movable and not frozen to the deck. We need plenty of room to kneel down when working on a spa and water dripping off a roof into the tool box isn’t going to fly.

8)      Directions to get there and keys and alarm codes and garage codes and gate codes for gated communities and cell phone numbers to reach you are a good aid.

9)      Where is the water supply? Is it dug out and accessible ? Does it work ? Is it frozen, or broken. Also, electrical sub panels and spa breaker locations should be plainly marked. We often require a 120 volt outlet near the spa so we can plug in tools and electric heaters etc.

10)  Provide us with as much “History” as possible. It helps when diagnosing the spa.


This all makes the job go faster.

Still Need Help?

Call 530 587-4840

Give us a call anytime for water chemistry advice and to order spa chemicals and accessories. Check out our “Tips and Info “ section on the web site. Remember.. The only dumb question is the one you didn’t ask. We’re here to help.

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